Co-Creation Workshop

After the main conversation activity has drawn to a close on the 30th of October, the results will be analysed to see what the city has said. On the 6th of November we will bring together a Co-Creation Forum that will look at these results and use them to test different ways that they can be implemented.

The attendees of the Forum will reflect the population of Glasgow as a whole. In order to get this, we are asking people who are available between 12:00pm and 4:30pm on Wednesday the 6th of November 2019 to apply to be on the forum. Attendees will then be chosen by a random electronic ballot so that the collective participants reflect the population of Glasgow as a whole. For example, if Glasgow was 50 people, 26 would be female and 24 would be male.

To apply, please use the link below. Applications are open until the 27th of October 2019.