During the citywide conversation a number of events were held that explored what change in George Square could mean for the people and city of Glasgow.

At Hands On Workshops, this was documented through sketches and writing, these have been brought together and can be viewed online here.

On the 6th of November a Co-Creation Forum was brought together to consider the initial results of the Citywide Conversation and use them to test different ways that they can be implemented. The Co-Creation forum was a half-day event. Participants were circulated across five groups each of which had a spread of ages, and two facilitators (per group) to aid discussion and record proceedings. In order to convene a forum that best reflected the population of Glasgow as a whole, people were invited to apply to attend. From this pool around 50 people were randomly selected and 39 of these attended.

The outputs of the Co-Creation Forum and the conclusion of the Citywide Conversation can be read in the results document by clicking here